Tick tock... tick tock...  
Don’t you hear the clock?
Out of nowhere there is a strange face
I am trying to run, trying to find my place
My heart trying to beat its way out of my chest
I feel fear and love all at once, I fear cardiac arrest
Tick tick,  pump, pump, everything is in time and tandem
Yet I feel the faster I run the more I run in places that are random
Then I see the river,  wide yet so serene...  
I see it sparkle,  I see it gleam
I have no idea where I want to go,  I feel lost
But now I’m covered in that white frost.
So cold yet so warm, I could lay down and sleep right here, right now...
But that is more than anyone, especially my love would allow
Not my time, and not this place,
I have yet to live my life to the fullest...

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