To the young man

A man without manners
Asked me to love him And l did, actually he
didn’t even propose me But l thought l could
be With him, however this Was party of
undermining Myself and pleased him Maybe l
undermined myself Because l was under the
desk I only realize that After underlining the
sub total I am very blessed He didn’t put me
in his underwear A man without manners
Could not even propose me But he kept telling
me that He loved me so very much And he
could ask me Whether l loved him or not I kept
silent and he said To me babe I love you So
very much A man without manners Couldn’t
not even propose me I needed him to take me
The Cinema / movie house And he took me to
his house I needed him to take me To the
restaurant and He made me to cook In his
house A man without manners Couldn’t not
even Propose me Done:By Tendao Moyo


Show me some respect buddy,
the thing with me l want that someone thinks carefully before open their mouth,
and I take no nonsense.

everyone deserves to be respected

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Respect is a two way street. He shows respect and gets respect in return.


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