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Friendship that drift apart
What could it be?
Which button
Was pressed wrong?
The heart doesn’t lie
The mind is too strong
to pretend
When blood runs
through the body
it is ready to be naughty
Shyness represent
a silly human kind
It had formed hypocrites
But none of these
appeared to be part of you
Slowly but sure
all was falling apart
Sometimes when you
wanted to drift apart
from me l wrote
to a reminder
on how special
you were to me
You said something,
and I knew you were
slowly gone,
but I wouldn’t let you
go so easily
The reason to
keep you closer
You were and
you are still
unique to let go
But at some point
l gotta let go
My destiny isn’t
the same with
who ever leave me
Let go if isn’t true
If isn’t what I needed
Though the memories
were made and are so beautiful l will
remember every one of it
It has drifted
l shall go out
and be the best l could


The mind is too strong to pretend
Let it be
Let it be
Life is too short to beg people to stay
Let them bounce
Some new will come
and you be surprised
how beautiful it could be.

Friendship that drift apart

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Someone who is right for you will never go away


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