To my fellow brothers and sisters

I am
Living in a world,
full of drama
My journey begins,
long time before,
I was brought to this world,
Alright! Let me guess,
people don’t care/ask
New generation,
what could be wrong,
with the mentality,?
Perhaps it’s fashion,
fancy houses,
as well as fancy cars,
Praise to God,
I’m just ordinary
Appreciation to ordinary people
when I really,
need advice l go to that
old white man,
I really find them free,
to talk to,
and ask questions,
i ain’t racist
i just love the white, my mentality tells me,
that black people,
are not strong enough,
to lift up each other,
and we have,
lake of thinking capacity,
i also meet these white,
that goes like
I’m so rich and I hate blacks
Or they goes
saying they are damp damp,
I am emotional intelligent
don’t care who says,
what to me unless,
it’s encouragement
I just love white
They are too cool,
to be around they,
are the face of the world,
together we become,
the face of the universe,
and I am the,
of the universe  the universe
The new generation,
is full of drama
My journey,
has just begin
Give me a moment
I will be back.
Thank you!!
Tendai Moyo Alessandro


I was born to conquer, for a good reason, I have better dreams to live for, better risk to take giving up is not an option.

make your dream a reality,and your thoughts come to life

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