Thyself Alessandro

I never thought
I would feel this way
I even found
No medicine to cure it
I tried to ignore it
But it is so impossible
To reject it
Your intention of
Pulling away
were already there
And the dream
was reviewed to you
Before you mentioned
Your thoughts
You explained the dream
And eventually
I knew that it was done
Between the two of us
Friendship was dead
Carrying was no  
Longer existing
It is always painful
To love someone
Who doesn’t feel
The same,
I am grateful
That every experience
Come with a beautiful
Lesson for me to learn
I took all that l needed
We spend time together
But some questions
Were never asked
and were unanswered
It’s painful to keep asking
As much as I ask
The pain grow
Since they is no answer
Even when you there
It’s so impossible to let go
But sometimes, something
somewhere, somehow
You gotta let it go
Perhaps the beautiful door
Is about to close
And another beautiful one is to open
Life goes on
I only hope one day
You will remember me
Those silly tales
When we laughed together


Know when it's over and done
Know when to walk away
Don't turn back
When you have crossed the tunnel.
You got to know it had fade away.

Between human kind and disappointment

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