A reminder to myself after l have spoken to Kanya

Never let go
of what you love
I have given up,
but the day,
that I met you,
all my dream
were returned,
bit by bit l come,
back to the memories
of my dreams
Writing has been gone,
and it has been returned
I have been always,
wanted to be,
a poet writer,
I hope one day
I will be,
Since you told me,
Not to stop writing,
I have written a lot
Including this,
special one
just for you,
It wasn’t easy though,
But I pressed
My pen on the,
blank page till,
the patterns,
comes alright
sometimes I wonder,
if boring stories
are interesting /funny either
/it’s like
seeing the smile
of a donkey
that never smiles
At all
You are phenomenal
little ordinary girl,
too adorable
to stop thinking about.
See you just now,
Thank you
By Tendai Moyo Alessandro


Never let go on your dream my friend

know your ambitions

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