It was a Christmas night she’d always remember
She saw him the first time, her heart skipped a beat
It happened years ago, but remembering’s a pleasure
For she can’t imagine her life could ever be as sweet
He wore a blue jacket that frigid December night
Standing next to her in the crowded midnight mass
They shook hands as “Peace be with you” they recite
Eyes met, bells rang, choirs sang, a clear night it was!
They have shared their lives from that very moment
There were challenges but each one they’ve overcome
Their love grew over the years; in spite of the torment
Of the humdrum days maudlin problems spring from
The days spent together, they made the hours exciting
Despite life’s drudgery, they kept romance alive
He made her feel like a goddess; it’s quite endearing
The way she doted on him; quite pleasant to describe
That was their ill-kept secret, for everyone else knew
And everyone could see the sparkle in both their eyes
As they beheld each other even when the days are blue
Even in the trying times, even when the world’s on ice
There have been trials; they faced many hardships
But life has always been half full, never half empty
Fate’s been unkind; times when there was an eclipse
Yet they persevered in times of drought and calamity
It’s Christmas night once more; he’s in blue next to her
She looked at him, surely her heart skipped a beat
Remembering the night long ago, one really cold winter
She still can’t imagine her life could have been as sweet
© Vic A Evora


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over 4 years

Thank you Charlotte...

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Love is beautiful I like this

almost 5 years

Thanks Ben

Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 5 years

The more I read it the more I like it!

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