A Mother
A Sister
A Friend

She has gone to sleep, to dust she has returned
To pain, she said farewell; so, in her lips a smile
To loved ones, she bid adieu, albeit grudgingly
And this world she left behind in her unique style!
Millions of moments, she celebrated over a lifetime
Memories she left! Recalling all, will take a while!
So, we choose to remember  the pleasant memories
And let sink into oblivion, the painful remembrance
Her life we celebrate, the painful years we forget
Her smiles we remember; but the tears? Not a chance!
Her engaging laughter we recall; never the sadness
The joyful wedding bells; all the happy circumstance!
In her youth, a vibrant lady she was, full of life
That’s the picture we’d keep in our collective mind
Her beautiful voice as she sang long-ago lullabies
To us the younger ones, she had never been unkind
She’s the older sister everyone should have had
A more nurturing mother, few of us will ever find!
Like all, she went through trials and tribulations
But we applaud her courage, her ne’er-give-up spirit
Her resilience we recognize, the suffering we forget
And we wish an ounce of her bravery we could inherit
Thus, as we go through the rest of our own lives
Her memory we pass around; lovingly, we share it!
© Vic A Evora

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Barb Clarke
over 3 years

So sorry for your loss. A very beautiful tribute to your sister.

over 3 years

@Barb Clarke: Thank you Barb. One of those poems that write itself

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

My condolences. I lost one of my cousins yesterday also.

over 3 years

@Robert L. Martin: Thanks Robert. Condolences to you as well...

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

So sad your sister and friend had left. As you said she kept her faith, finished her journey and gave her best-an exemplar for all her loved ones and friends alike. She was a good person I believe and lucky is the being to receive her soul towards her next journey.
Like. Thanks Brod.

over 3 years

@Nelson D Reyes: Thank you Brod. She was my second mother

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