Blade of Grass

"The Indian Seer lost God in Nature; the Christian mystic, on the other hand, finds God in Nature. The Hindu mystic believes that God and Nature are one and the same; the Christian mystic knows that there must be a Creator to account for the universe."- Sadhu Sundar Singh

On a white canvas, Monet daubed pastels
And captured the beauty of water lilies
In the right lighting; yes, they cast spells
Yet I’d prefer a lily swaying in the breeze
The ancients built pyramids and ziggurats
To imitate the tall mountain peaks yonder
But man’s monuments pale, to all that’s
Been fashioned by God from thinnest air
The wonders of His creations are all around
From the azure sky to the deepest blue sea,
To rain forests where many cures are found;
Snow-capped peaks, and stars in the galaxy
Rivers like ribbons carrying precious water
From the high hinterlands into the ocean...
Canyons, waterfalls, the rocks of Gibraltar
Can the Great Wall elicit the same emotion?
He carpeted our world with luxuriant foliage
To remake oxygen from the waste we exhale
The color green soothes; our eyes assuaged;
Cheers and refreshes our spirits without fail
A golden sun, He gave us, to warm our day
A silvery moon to allay our fear of the dark
Blooming buds in the glorious month of May
And on every blade of grass, He left His mark
Beautiful things that are a token of God’s love
Sunrise, spring and summer, a thunder shower
Nature’s a cornucopia of graces from above;
A testimony to God’s benevolence and power
Thus, we need not the artificial splendor
Paintings, sculptures and monuments bring;
They’re poor copies; and they don’t render
Glory to God, who created all and everything
© Vic Evora

A poem I wrote over five years ago. I couldn't find a word to change or a phrase to enhance. So here it is!


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