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Grandest Fugue

"If you want to be considered a poet, you will have to show mastery of the petrarchan sonnet form or the sestina. Your musical efforts must begin with well-formed fugues. There is no substitute for craft... Art begins with craft, and there is no art until craft has been mastered."
Anthony Burgess

Early morning purple clouds
Gleam of light in horizon
No sign a storm is brewing
But waves stir in gray ocean
Wind speed picks up shortly
Furious clouds set in motion
Lightning flashes lit the sky
Then thunderous explosion
Blinding rain fell from heaven
The world at total standstill
All creatures seeking shelter
As flood waters rush downhill
Trees uprooted in its path
The gusty storm loud and shrill
Leaves twigs branches all aswirl
In all hearts mind-numbing chill
But from west the savior came
Mighty wind blew clouds away
Glorious sun dazzles the world
Thus the skies no longer gray
The woods glisten in the sun
In the warm zephyr trees sway
Behold the cloud-free blue sky
Just marvelous stunning day
Soon we’ll see a day like this
When the world’s over and done
In the blue sky clean and bright
In the clouds, we’ll see the Son
Melodious strings we would hear
Celestial voices finespun
Cherubim and seraphim
Grandest fugue under the sun
© Vic Evora


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