He looked up in disgust
Fight back; get even he must
Got to light the inner fire
Never let the embers expire
Bullied yet again
His face mirrors the pain
His ego’s brutally bruised
Mistreated and abused
Will this never ever end?
Will he never find a friend?
Days and days they’d spend
And each other comprehend
But stop! Enough is enough!
Fight back even if it be rough
The inner fire fully ignited
And he stood up all excited!
And it feels so good
For himself he finally stood
A black eye he nursed in pain
No one heard him complain;
Aches and pain will go away
But self-esteem shall stay!
Thus a schoolyard lesson learned
Bullies thrive when back is turned!
© Vic A Evora

It is not autobiographical because I don't remember ever having been bullied as a child. I hanged out with the bigger kids; they sheltered me from the neighborhood bullies.

However, this poem is dedicated to everyone who have been bullied sometime in their lives. Especially those that certain presidential candidates (who shall remain nameless) have tried to bully over the years!

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 4 years

Bullies have no place in a civilized society. Period.
Zero tolerance to any affront to civilized manners. Period.
Yes bullies deserved penalties exacted by law and society would be better served if we help the bullies by attending to their mental needs, education and most of all non-tolerance.

almost 4 years

Thanks for liking brod.

That's why there are times I feel remorseful of the times we treated the Tambo back in the sixties. The feeling is short-lived however. Hahahaha! However, I've been told those days are over now...

Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

Good for him or getting back at that bully. That will make him stop. I got rid of a bully on the football field. He ever ran around my may again.

almost 4 years

Yep, when you stand up to them bullies shy away...

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 4 years

Nice poem, I saw a movie called (Enough) with Jennifer Lopez on TV not to long along, She was being bullied by her husband, afraid for her own life, at the end she got revenge, and ended up killing him. Every form of bullying is wrong. I believe people reap what they sow.

almost 4 years

Thank you for liking Charlotte. I think I saw that movie recently. I just think about those women bullied by those who shall remain nameless and I just empathize with them.

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