Sky’s the palest of blue
As the morning sun climbs
Like old faded denims
Washed a hundred times
The sun peeks playfully
A brilliant golden display!
Gone, the sky’s deeper hues
The purples from yesterday
Wisps of cotton clouds
On a robin’s egg canvas,
A thin mist masks the trees
And dewdrops on the grass
A tiny bird hops, branch
To branch, singing aloud
To its mate, a sonorous
Melody, attracting a crowd
Honeybees kiss the blossoms
Gathering sweetest nectar
As the Monarchs pay homage
Basking in sunny weather
Creatures from the forest
Emerge from places hidden
To soak in the sun’s rays
The blessings from heaven
O’ what a lovely morning
The start of a perfect day
May all my days be blessed…
And so every night I pray...
©  Vic Evora...


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