Letter to a Son

You’re eighteen! The world’s at your feet
Spring is behind you; summer’s right ahead…
We pray sunny days will make your life sweet,
Stay true to yourself, be never misled!
Life will change; welcome it with open arms
Priorities will shift to a new paradigm
Temptations will come, sometimes in swarms
To do well in life, you must find the time!
You must find time to better yourself always!
For truly you’re still an unfinished creation
Stay in the classroom, not in the hallways
A smarter you! Should be enough motivation!
You must find time to seek love and romance
It will delight your heart, uplift your spirit
And find time to sing and dance
But only with someone you’d share life with!
Lastly, find time to know your Maker
Have Him inside you; give your life meaning
He’ll be your shield when in peril or danger
Your comforter when your heart is bleeding!
Should you go astray in the road of life
We’ll light a beacon so you’ll find your way
We’ll welcome you home from worldly strife
A dear son you’ll always be, come what may!
© Vic A Evora

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