Lost Eden

He sat by the window, lost in thought
Watching the sun fade away completely
Behind patches of cotton-ball clouds,
As the cool breeze whispered sweetly…
Green hills appeared ahead, miles away
Softened by the early morning light
A low lying mist cloaked the foothills,
Hiding a cabin; an old oak to its right...
He’s been in this retreat for days now
Reluctant to leave; for he seeks solace
Here in his refuge from all travails
His sanctuary, his very own secret place!
Recent wearisome events gave him pause
To review the direction he needs to take,
To draw to a close his downward spiral
That maybe from melancholy, he’ll awake!
Soon it will be time to leave this place
To confront the demons in his reality!
But now it’s time to watch the birds fly
Bask in the sunlight; enjoy nature’s bounty…
Listen to bees whisper around the blooms
As crickets drown the warbling wren
Hear the frogs croaking in a nearby pond…
Watch a squirrel dash up a tree, now and then
Flowers bloom all around; the myriad hues
A refreshing break from the soporific green
Of the lush foliage, still moist with dew,
A thick luxuriant setting; a mise en scène!
On a branch of the maple; sits a blue jay
Unconcerned; as if he’s part of the scenery
He yearns to be, for this place is lost Eden
Wherefrom he came; where his future will be!
So he hopes! If he can make things right…
So he prays! Each and every night
© Vic A Evora...


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