The fog hangs low this Sabbath morn
I saw a rose  I could’ve sworn
Red shimm’ring petals, not one thorn
Out in the distance, so forlorn
As I approached, a wintry breeze
Blew autumn leaves atop the trees
Shiv’ring, I felt a sudden freeze
The rose  remained, no petals amiss
Blust’ry weather, stormy morning
There the rose, still and unflinching
Midst the gold and brown leaves swirling
In the wind, its petals gleaming!
In awe and wonder, there I stood
The message clearly understood
Storms in life. Worry? I never should
Be like the rose I certainly could!
Steadfast, wherever my life goes
A lesson I’ve learned from the rose
Unbowed in the face of my foes
E’er smiling despite all my woes!
© Vic A Evora


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Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

My mother once said and I carried it all my life: put a smile on your face all the time. This from a Mom who had dimples and showed very well when she smiles...and she smiled all the time in pain and in happy times. This poem reminds me of my Mom and Dad’s steadfastness and love for each other. Like. Thanks Brod.
Btw, like your new icon picture.

over 2 years

Thanks for the like. Glad the poem reminded you of your parents.

That photo was taken by Sim when we were on Train #4 on the way to the World Trade Center Memorial.

Barb Clarke
over 2 years

You have a gift to be like the rose, gracious but strong in the face of adversity.
Nice poem, Vic.

over 2 years

Thank you Barb. You’re right, I believe we all have that gift.

Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

She stands out smiling amongst all the rubble. She is beauty unaffected by all the ugliness.

over 2 years

I suppose

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