And so it goes,
life’s ceaseless march
to oblivion...
seemingly uninterrupted,
steadily gaining steam.
The forces of loneliness
visible on the horizon;
the nightmare
in his hopeless dream...
In the silence
of the ebony night -
the demons appear;
mocking him,
as he hides
in a corner of his room
Alone! despairing;
eyes glistening
but nary a tear,
as the night blossoms
into myriad shades of gloom
He’s been alone
for a lifetime,
alone even in a crowd;
never been lonely,
he’s been an island
The indifferent coldness
of his soul
has done him proud.
Alas, love struck his heart;
and his life forever changed...
So as the dusk
turns into midnight
and then into dawn;
he broods!
And his unrequited love
is the heavy anchor,
dragging him into the deep,
the riptide pulling him down,
to an end
with no happiness,
albeit no pain,
no rancor...
Vic A Evora


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over 1 year

I think all of poets touch that level of deepness.. Quite unexplainable - but I do understand - and that is why - this is beautiful!

over 1 year

@Delilah: Thank you for liking and faving. And the nice comments.

Now post your poems here, ok?

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