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Her thoughts and ideas, I'm but an instrument

Do you remember?
The first day of school?
You couldn’t wait to get home
Tell all your experiences to mom
How thrilled you were…
For her to hear all your stories
So excited, it’s hard to remain calm
Time was too long!
For you wanted so much to share!
Do you remember?
When first you talked to your sweetheart?
How you enjoyed hearing his voice
As you talked with each other
So much so you can’t put the phone down
You talked to the wee hours,
Even forgetting your dinner...
Time was so short!
And the rest of the world, you’re unaware!
Do you remember?
When first you held your child in your arms?
You would talk to her continuously
Though you know she can’t understand
You would coo; say silly things incessantly
Until you get a reaction
One big smile while you held her hand.
Do you remember?
When she starts to say 'mama’ and ‘dada’,
What a joy hearing your child speak
You encouraged her to say more
Time stood still; dishes can wait
Laundry can stay one more day
It’s a joy you’ve never felt before
Time is so precious…
You don’t want to miss anything
Your baby’s the center of everything
A commodity, invaluable and priceless
It feels it’ll be extinct soon nevertheless
What is time? You may ask.
Time comes in different definitions,
It comes in different colors,
It comes in different scents,
It comes in different shapes,
It comes in different lengths
Time can be elusive.
Time can be quite unique.
And time has its own life.
But it is up to you and me
And to each one of us,
To find time
To make time
To shape time
To love it and to live it
In the end, we ask ourselves
Do we still have TIME?
© Vic and Sim Evora

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