Steel Grey

Her steel grey eyes match the leaden sky
And belie the raging flames deep within her
The marble coldness of her unblinking stare
Masks subdued emotions; that any time, can stir!
She’s lived through pain and utter rejection
Each one deepening the scar that coats her heart;
So while she feels every dart that strikes her
No emotions she shows; beneath it tears her apart
She has lived alone; invisible in the shadows
Eons ago, it seems, she lost her innocence
Hurt and betrayed; she withdrew inwards
And watched the world with vast indifference
But in the sham tranquility of her universe
There are tense passions of volcanic proportion;
Outrage seethes; a whelming thirst for revenge
About to unravel; and set cataclysm in motion!
For within her, the power to summon dark forces
That’ll inflict agony to whoever she wished...
Soon she’ll break; her bough’s about to snap
Peace and tranquility would’ve vanished!
But in one moment, auspicious and serendipitous
An infant appeared in her life; and hate departed
Anger ceased in her heart, joy and mirth restored
In the luminescent warmth; a new life started!
So she soared into the sky, with new-found wings
Basking in the glow of the early morning sun
As the flowers soak in the life-giving rays
For when love enters one’s heart; hate is gone!
© Vic Evora
Based on the character Maleficent in movie of same name


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