Aurora Australis...
The Southern Lights in Antarctica
Ethereal flashes of brilliance
Oscillated across the panoramic view,
Ripples of emerald and vermillion
Amid splashes of electric blue…
The dull glow of a pearlescent moon
Rising in a sky where light withdrew
The obsidian, forbidding dreamscape
Stretched outwardly to near infinity;
Bleak, hostile, shadows without shape
A Dali-esque outlandish unreality;
An ebony prison providing no escape
To a dire soul searching for sanity
The vista conjures up an unlit cavern
Save for the glowworms in the sky…
A barren frozen wasteland under heaven!
So vast, none can hear the echoes’ reply;
And no one knows if it’s dawn or even…
Yet I’m here! Can anyone tell me why?
In this nether world, I’m trapped alone…
Without a blindfold; but it matters not
For I see no one, even as the moon shone
The dancing lights flicker, but for what?
I stood still, with all the fears I own
Hoping it’d end; a lump in my throat!
Lo! From the far hills, jagged and stark
A unicorn, galloping as swift as a typhoon
His white coat radiant in the dark
More brilliant than the opalescent moon;
A shooting star! His mane an electric arc
Irradiating, illuming the icy lagoon!
      The hornèd steed
         Symbol for posterity
         Harbinger of success
         And prosperity…
         Omen of purity,
         Fortune and happiness
         Bane of evildoers;
         So to him I acquiesce!
It felt as if I have endured an eternity
But I finally realize I am in a dream
and this is but a nano-second of reality!
This will end soon; thus I’ll see a sunbeam…
From this slumber, eventually I’ll awake
For I see a unicorn, the wind can’t overtake!
© Vic A Evora


I was inspired to write this poem after watching a video of the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). I tried to imagine watching it while in the Antarctic frozen wasteland on a typical winter day, when the night is 23-hours long and the moon barely rises above the horizon. Then I combined it with my recurring dream about unicorns. Voila!!

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