No Place is Safe

Sadly, no place is safe, not anymore
Churches, synagogues, mosques and schools
Army bases, daycare centers, even malls
In the cross-hairs of terrorists and fools.
Federal buildings, skyscrapers, airports
Railways, night clubs, even musical concerts;
Nowhere to congregate in peace and safety
For among us, in plain sight, many converts.
Yes, converts to loathsome ideologies
That preach religious and racial supremacy
Worldviews born of intolerance and hate
That since we don’t belong; we’re the enemy...
Guns, knives, improvised explosive devices
Automatic assault rifles spewing instant death
Lone wolves, children with suicide vests
Now part of our lexicon, just like crystal meth!
The innocents suffer most; bystanders killed
Or maimed, as they go about their daily existence
Attending school, joining a church prayer meeting
Or even watching a rock band from a distance...
Truly, no place is safe, not anymore
Alas! all we can do is hope; as we continue to pray
That preachers of intolerance; the apostles of hate
Renounce the enmity; let the hatred fade away!
Then we may live in peace and tranquility
By gunfire untouched, by mayhem unharmed
Undaunted and unbowed; confident and unafraid
Our futures hopeful, and our lives ever charmed!
© Vic A Evora

A tribute to the victims of recent tragedies.


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