The Lemonade Maker

My Contribution to the Age-Old Cliché

E’er the optimist he brews lemonade
Whenever mishaps litter his pathway
Facing the world unruffled unafraid!
Setbacks mere challenges in shades of gray
In the face of hurdles no surrender
Steadfast he stands, never the Fates allay;
The world he confronts with child-like wonder
Blessed is he with faith and self-confidence
Stalwart in the face of roaring thunder;
Obstacles he tackles oft in silence
Unflagging tenacious ne’er in despair
Even in gloom no signs of impatience
Never will he crouch in a sheltered lair
So, with little failures he won’t be swayed
Tortoise he’ll always be, never the hare
When comes the day it rains on his parade
Lemons he’ll gather to brew lemonade.
© Vic Evora

“When life gives you lemons, you don't make lemonade. You use the seeds to plant a whole orchard - an entire franchise! Or you could just stay on the Destiny Bus and drink lemonade someone else has made, from a can.” Anthon St. Maarten


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