The greatest products of architecture are less the works of individuals than of society; rather the offspring of a nation's effort, than the inspired flash of a man of genius...” Victor Hugo

creatures grotesque, marbled wildlings
stood on towers, lined up on rooftops
of the gothic cathedral; muted sentinels
to ward off evil, calamities and mishaps
for centuries the stone ogres victorious
then one night they let down their guard
catastrophe – epic momentous – hence betide
fierce fiery swords hit the structure hard
red scorching flames swallowed the edifice
devoured the roof till the spire collapsed
roof beams from the reign of jean le bon
now fallen embers, on to the trash heap perhaps
but the flying buttresses held admirably
and its thick walls withstood, unlike jericho’s
the dame’s treasures saved from the flames
and amid the devastation, up above – the rose!
aye! the rose survived a lamentable tragedy
and from the ashes the dame like a phoenix may rise
but she'll never be the same without the rose
a testament to beauty; flawless in our collective eyes!
© Vic Evora 07-23-2020

On Monday, April 15, 2019 - the unthinkable happened. Notre Dame de Paris burned. I am so glad my wife and I saw it November 2018. Hopefully, it will be rebuilt and hopefully in our lifetime.


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Charlotte B. Williams
4 months

Must have been very beautiful. Hoping with you.

4 months

It was. I saw Notre Dame the first time in 1987. But my wife only saw it in 2018 less than year before it burned down.

Thanks for liking the poem.

Robert L. Martin
4 months

At least you saw it. I've never been there. All those ancient artifacts & etc going up in flames. That's too bad.

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