The Story Teller

My friend, I am a simple story-teller
Whatever I write, they aren’t treatises
For a prophet I’m not, neither a seer;
Nor a philosopher with a grandiose thesis
Simply put, I’m but a lowly balladeer
With stories I hope please the both of us!
I write about love; people who fall in love
And those who fall out of love, unfortunately
Romantic tales, like ones I always dream of!
Dreams, fantasies, life mysteries ultimately
Sunrise and sunset, nature, the heavens above
Stories imagined, and some I know intimately
It’s my hope, my good and trusted friend
That my verses contain a small nugget of truth
Maybe a pearl of wisdom, just before the end
A fresh adage, or even a lesson from my youth
But the main reason for the verses I’ve penn’d
Is to tell a story! Tales that’ll the spirit soothe!
For frankly, I’ve got no sermons to preach
No agenda to push; the thrill’s in the telling
It’s in the sharing; for I care not to teach;
Stories from my heart; tales I’m imagining
Hope they bring joy; when it seems out of reach
So my dear friend, thank you for listening!
© Vic Evora


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