To Any Man with a Significant Other

Romance, Anyone?
when we satisfy our partners’
unspoken needs or desires,
we get a soulful kiss, for we’re romantic
but when the action is prompted,
or heaven forbid, it’s been requested –
no rewards await, for we weren’t psychic
our girlfriends want a bouquet of flowers
every single day of the year
yet won’t admit that they do –
(you have to be a psychic, remember?)
or truffles, a box of Godiva preferably
and a card proclaiming to the world “I love you”!
our sweethearts would like us
to open doors for them, and hold their hands
in short, preserve the age of chivalry...
they’d love to get notes each day
love notes, romantic poems and such
even when such things, to men, are a mystery
that said, romance makes the flowers bloom
and makes all relationships
satisfying, fruitful, meaningful, enjoyable!
sadly, men have a very different outlook,
quite another concept of romance
and usually, that spells trouble!
it’s a fact, men are wired differently,
for we are brutes; we’re modern-day Neanderthals!
and we have romance and sex all mixed up...
simply put, romantic can be a naked cheerleader,
or seeing our lovers in a skimpy red negligee!
romantically, that ranks near the very top
our sweethearts love candlelit dinners
with soulful Barry White in the background
while engaged in hush-hush conversation
meanwhile men want the time to zoom by
the seconds and the minutes to fly...
for the bedroom awaits, for the real action
for our significant others, romance means
physical affection without sex, cuddling
hugs, kisses and meaningful conversation!
and yeah! when you meet her relational needs
with care and tenderness– that’s romantic!!!
to the winds, she’d throw away all caution
so fellow men, the important message is this:
it’s a misconception romance can be infrequent
and a relationship will still remain strong
no! for romance is the refreshing shower; the glue
that bonds man to his woman on a daily basis...
and truly, a romantic man can do no wrong!
it matters not whether we have different
outlooks or divergent concepts
as long as we both believe in romance—
what’s paramount is that men understand
that their partners speak a different language
then work hard to translate at every chance
whenever we are romantic, or behave that way
we communicate a unique value
to our partners, our significant others
for we perform an action that says
they’re always in our hearts! every moment!
then be ready to receive the worlds’ wonders
© Vic A Evora...



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