She’s All That

She is the rain; life-giving, invigorating
Without her, his life a desert, barren and dry
She is the sun; warm, radiant, life-sustaining
Through her, he feels the blessings from on high
She is the wind; gently caressing his face
His conscience, lovingly whispering in his ears
She is the moon; gleaming in the evening haze
Her silv’ry light wipes away his doubts and fears!
She is a rock; solid, immovable and unbroken
Always with him she’ll be, through thick and thin
She is fire! With zest for life; mad passion unspoken
Delicate and porcelain, but a tiger within!
She’s the songbird who wakes him every morning
In his dreams, the butterfly that flutters away
The fireflies that flicker in the trees all evening
The dawn, the dusk; that start and end his day!
Indeed, she’s all that and a whole lot more
For she’s yesterday, today and tomorrow
His goddess, his inspiration, his ever-sweet Lenore
Without her, empty days, and life full of sorrow!
© Vic A Evora


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