Bellerophon and Pegasus
A Misadventure

Slivers of sunlight peeked thru the dense foliage
 lighting a path, leaf-covered, under the canopy;
Fearful, yet courage intact; guardedly hopeful,
 Bellerophon surveilled the tunnel debris!
Behind the tall trees he sensed sinister eyes;
 unearthly creatures he hears yet could not see!
Still he labored on; for the sunlight meant hope
 that his stay in the labyrinth may temporary be!
A tree branch he picked up and fashioned a sword
 with his short knife, he sharpened one end
Ferocious beasts and one-eyed ogres may lie in wait
 behind trees, maybe the sword could fend—
He’s otherwise unarmed against perils he faced;
 his prospects bleak, nary a friend
To depend on; his heroic alter ego he summoned
 nonetheless, himself single-handedly defend!
How he ended in this dismal place, he’s not sure,
 one moment he’s riding in the sunny blue sky
Astride loyal Pegasus, his silver mane flowing
 in the wind; then the world suddenly gone awry
A sonic boom! Thunder bellowed in the heavens
 Zeus’ bolts flashed; all earth’s creatures cry
Consciousness left him; waking up in a hellhole
 bruised, armed with a short knife, asking why!
He looked around; chose to walk to his right;
 followed circles of light on the forest floor
Forty-five degrees, the angle of the light beams
 striking the pathway; can’t be noon, but before!
He’s got time before nightfall; find a way out of
 his plight; sadly, he can’t simply open a door
It’ll be a struggle to get out of the labyrinth;
 he needs all he could muster, perhaps more!
There’s movement, leaves rustle behind the trees
 he heard sibilant whispers; he kept on walking
He swung his crudely-crafted sword repeatedly;
 slicing air, hoping the sound of a whip cracking
Loud and threatening; to shake off creatures that
 lurk in the dark; dissuade them from attacking!
Fretful, he gazed at the dark tunnel of trees
 seemingly endless; in his gut a sinking feeling!
But he marched on; walking, sprinting, resting
 then walking again; heartbeat a rollercoaster!
Sweat beads flowed down his cheeks and his arms;
 fatigue sets in, praying his body won’t falter
Flies buzzing in his ears; unseen mites nipping
 his exposed arms and legs; in pain he holler’d
Pain blocked away the terror; fatigue erased his
 fears; still he hoped he’d find shelter!
Minutes, hours passed; yards, miles faded away
 though there was no way to be sure in the dark
The angle of the light beam has shifted, overhead
 at first, then to an acute angle; the mark
That the day’s progressing, hopes slowly dimming;
 he knew by nightfall; his fate will be stark!
Did he offend the gods? But who?  he’s not ready
 to abandon ship, nor from the mission disembark!
Onward he moved; eyes ahead as he sprinted,
 lo! a break in the trees, a glimmer of hope
But then a roar, a menacing growl; much too close
 he braced himself; dashed down a steep slope
He tripped and fell; but a thick pile of leaves
 cushioned his fall, was it the end of the rope?
A pair of bloodshot eyes he saw, on top of him!
 he thrust his dagger at the wolf-like antelope
Blood flowed as the chimera breathed its last,
 warm, sticky and blue; oozing down his right arm
Pushing away the beast, he stood, sprinted again
 to a break in the trees, away from harm
And there in the distance, glaring sunlight
size of a pinhole, hopes rise; the feeling warm
At last, a chance to escape this hellish hole but
 behind him hawk-size gnats, swirling in a swarm!
From the forest floor, he heard sibilant hiss
 of giant snakes, pythons ready to swallow him
Hybrids and crossbreeds, wretched mongrels
 converging, to tear him limb from limb
Overhead, giant bats block what little light
 between the leaves, hence the labyrinth dim
All seem to be closing in, but the light ahead
 getting bigger; his odds no longer slim!
In his heart new hope; in his limbs a new spark;
 as he swung his mock sword, himself to shield
In his gut, he feared he offended the gods,
 and wondered if his fate’s been sealed
In his mind, he knows he’s done no wrong;
 in time that truth will be revealed
But he may yet survive this ordeal, for ahead
 sunlight streams in, outside an open field
Suddenly, Apollo’s dazzling glare too powerful;
 too strong he had to shield his eyes
Like vampires, the beasts in hot pursuit
 retreated; in the background, hideous cries
The sky in full magnificence, harlequin colors
 unlike the dark labyrinth he’s grown to despise
And up in the heavens, the Olympians hold court
 no antagonists among the gods, only allies
It appears he’s been forgiven by the gods;
for what transgression he did; it matters not
Lo! Pegasus flew by, landed next to him,
sword and shield, the steed hasn’t forgot
Bellerophon mounted his friend; soared skyward,
his next exploit he’s not given much thought
But there’s lots of time to think about adventures
now that the gods are no longer wroth!
© Vic Evora 04-09-2019

Bellerophon is a hero of Greek mythology. He was "the greatest hero and slayer of monsters, alongside Cadmus and Perseus, before the days of Heracles", and his greatest feat was killing the Chimera, a monster that Homer depicted with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail: "her breath came out in terrible blasts of burning flame."

The myth of Pegasus and Bellerophon has a particular place in Greek Mythology because it speaks about betrayal and loyalty, dreams and expectations, coincidences and chances, and all that through a story that has more juicy parts beforehand and aftermath than in the actual story of those two.


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circa 2 anni

Hey so sorry i was late reading this.long story...anyways i loved this you said it was right up my alley..and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say its definitely one of my favorite myth poems on the site..and why is because it kept me interested ..many long epic poetry can lose me because they stay to long on one need the reader to feel your there unless you want them to feel dull and drowned out..but mostly epic poems need to keep you goin and you succeeded with me flowed nicely and i never felt favorite rhyme was absolutely the end,fend and nary a friend...well done there! But yes it flowed nicely...there was only one place that sounded like it had to many syllables..but if your like me i do that alot because in my head im reading it at a rhythm that is different than what the reader will because its their first time..believe me that's in no way an insult or making the poem lacking im just letting you know of it because i respect your writing...and I know its gets tiresome when everyone is like "its good its perfect"! Because when they do that to me i know there somewhere is something I can make better..but someone may be afraid ill be sad..nope i pove someome to say hey im a first time reader of this poem this is how i saw it and how i read it..because normally its different. ..but yea i couldnt find anything wrong with this poem..ha it really was great and flowed well and got your story across...when i write epics i tend to get lost in the information and so i lose the reader..I've trashed alot because of it.. did no lose me ever..but yea I always forget to take into thought how the new time reader will read the beat ...not how i do after reading my poem so many times..when i do remember to do it i read it out loud and try to see and read it as a 5th grader would and its amazing what your will find and how you can make the flow more fluid and organic.. BUT seriously i had to look very hard to find anything that needed any sorta of critique..that one line is the only thing that felt it had one to many syllables...course u may have wanted it that way..i was just trying to find something ..anything! say critique wise..but yea vic i was very impressed with this one..course I'm always impressed with your writing..i will be looking into this on for advice on epic mythological poetry.. but this one i favorited because of course it's one of my passion mythology..and because itd just a good poem with rhyme and flow..i hope you in no way think that tiny critique hurt the poem at all..cuz it didnt..just trying to respect you as a poet instead of just so oh yea its good...but yea..haha it was really good..

circa 2 anni

Really appreciate your thoughts and comments. The next one will be better I hope.

Thank you for faving the poem. I was really afraid it will be boring.

circa 2 anni

So I am so glad I kept you interested

Barb Clarke
circa 2 anni

Quite the adventure, well done VIC!

circa 2 anni

Thank you so much Barb

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