My Dearest Friend Carole, Your Journey is Over!

My Dear Friend who was more like my sister
I’m mourning her loss, I really do miss her
We shared good and bad times, and for that I am glad
But today I must tell you I am very, very sad
She is now up in Heaven with Angels beside her who care
On earth she suffered, she had more than she could bare
I want to Thank her for sharing her life and now her death
She never, never  gave up until her very last breath.
I was grateful to have been a part of her life
My friend is now without pain or strife
She is perfect and healthy in every way
And forever that is how she will stay.
She truly was amazing and forget her I will not
I’d do anything for this woman I loved her a lot
I know she’s looking down and saying please don’t cry
For I’m at peace now and I have wings in which to fly.
She can go any place and do anything now
Isn’t that wonderful, all I can say is “Wow”
She loved her family and they loved her too
My Dearest Friend I am so Blessed to have known you.
As I look up to Heaven there’s a star shining so bright
As I lay down my head, I’ll dream of you tonight
No more walker, no more pills and no more pain
Only Dancing up on the clouds, Dancing once again!

This is written about my wonderful friend Carole who passed away on 9/16/14. She was a treasure. No Gold could compare. No amount of Money could replace her. God
Bless her and forever keep her safe. Love, Your friend Sandi.
" 9/16/2014 "


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