It was her time to go, with a lovely smile upon her face
As I felt her spirit leave, her skin was of a golden glow
She died as she was born, beautiful beyond compare
God took his daughter gently to his glorious home above
Such a true Lady, of stature and grace
I see her head laying on a pillow of lace
My Mom is where there is no pain
No suffering just peace once again
When my life feels so unbearable and I can’t go on
I feel her arms around me and hear her sweet song
Hush my sweet Daughter you will never be alone
For I am with you, I will never let you go
This wonderful woman was also my best friend
There will never be another she was a beautiful Gem
I wait each year for those warm sunny days
When she comes to me as a Butterfly, then reluctantly must fly away.


After my Dear Mother passed, I would be outside in the warmth of the sun and butterflies would appear. I've never had butterflies stay around me, but this one always does. I get a beautiful feeling as I see this beautiful butterfly and it flys around me just long enough to acknowledge her and then she's gone. My Mother loved Butterflies. So every year I look and every year she comes. Love you Mom.

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
oltre 7 anni

You got that. Sandi.

Debra Romero
oltre 7 anni

As I know I hae told you before I can feel your pain on this write and the longing for your mom as I have the same yearing myself friend. It's so hard to lose a parent. No one loves you like mama does...beautiful memories

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
oltre 7 anni

Thank You. She was everything too me. But she had cancer and God took her home. She taught me how to be a Lady and how to Love. God Bless You.

Cory Garcia
oltre 7 anni


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