Begin Again

The trauma has started to set in,
I think about my life and where I could have been.
A few choices ago, the decisions that were made,
Why didn’t I go, what made me stay?
This is the hand I was dealt, it’s time I started to play,
Look for the colors of my dreams, quit thinking in the grey.
Stop looking for clues, just walk away,
Stop searching for a love that just couldn’t stay.
Stop tearing myself apart,
Mend what’s left of my heart.
Quit being so fragile and weak,
Shout the words I want to speak.
Stand up for who I am and what you deserve,
This is different, some kind of learning curve.
It doesn’t have to be the end of me, it’s time to start over again,
This time I will be sure to do everything I wished I would have back then.


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