He thinks I’m the girl I was before,
The girl he speaks of, is one I can’t find anymore.
The world filled my head with anger and my heart with black,
Why can't he encourage me,  all I know from him is what I lack.
My heart pounding out of my chest, my blood boiling out of my skin,
Why does life have to be so tragic, and why can't I just win.
He keeps thinking I will return, that tomorrow will be a fresh start,
He doesn’t see my broken heart,
How my world is falling apart.
My tears flow heavy but silent,
My perception has become so completely bent.
I do not want to think about tomorrow, I'm not sure how I made it through today,
Please say something to try to soothe my pain away.
I knows you deserve better, your bags are packed and your ready to go,
If that girl you speak of returns, you wouldn’t be here to know.

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Angel Vaughan
about 7 years

Thanks Gee62

about 7 years

Nice poem Angel

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