A couple of message-in-a-bottles
so listlessly on the the surf
one reads:
“I was so wrong, but dear, you were worse.”
The other just nods, and pretends to hear,
the paper is blank,
the second bottle boredly disappears.
You could have sunk my ship
with that deep gash of sea glass.
fondle your smooth edges,
but stumble on sharp prejudice, blunt negligence
cuts deep and stings of  mercury brined seas,
but I will, if you “would you please?”
still we beat against buoy
by the crust of our calcium refuse to shatter
no matter how you slur or batter
and I tumble into the bottles of better lovers
so you’d never see me broken
in token as in turn
gather my clothes, my courage, shake them of putrid beach sand
I can’t read your mind
and for all the infiniteness of that patient ocean
you’ve never tried mine
which is so barely water tight or patina’d opaque
you simply
pout mute and land lock eyes with the absurd
you bite your tongue until high tide
like only glass bottles could carry the words

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