Who are you?

I feel the cold against my skin,
My mind is whirling yet again,
A thought, one simple and so pure,
Leads my mind only more to lure,
I am not afraid. I tell myself,
These are not the only feelings felt,
But to hear a whisper so serene,
Could only make my mind scream,
Stop talking you devilish fool.
These are not the doings being done to you.
I blame the world for all I hate,
It was the pain, the anguish that it doth create,
Quit babbling, you stunt the peace.
Oh, I want to wish no ease.
Suffer with me cruel world.
You were less aggravated as a young girl.
Stop talking to me mind.
It is my soul that I must find,
Yes, but with all due respect,
I feel the pain that you inflict.
You speak so small, yet feel so big,
Why only now do I know the ways I’ve changed,
Because you wouldn’t listen, love.
You let your anger rage a flood.
But I fear this world will surely bleed,
I have no care for what I need,
I have my sorrows and no gains,
Therefore I cringe with effortless strain,
My dear, you need to open up,
Release the hatreds one by one.
But then do my fair eyes come to be,
A fake as they, a fake as me,
Who are you girl, this is not you,
You make it out to sound so cruel,
Ay, it is because I am afraid,
I’ve told you this, I fear the rain,
The scorching fires of taunting,
I remember the names, they haunt me,
You must let it go,
Or forever you will stand alone,
My love, I hold your hand right now.
I’ll tell you soon, but know somehow,
The world will someday change to great,
Then you can release your whirlwind of hate,
Until that day comes, it must be true,
Allow the sun to shine on through,
Your walls must break, you must believe,
Release your lungs so they can breathe,
You’re tense because you stress too much,
Inertly you are in the clutch,
Of death itself if you don’t see,
This is not you.


Another original poem by myself. I wrote this to portray my emotions in regards to myself, how I felt as a person. Thank you.

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