I can’t seem to wrap my head around the madness,
The proprieties of man have become seemingly massless;
To lay down our arms and lessen the strife,
Prepared to be struck down by the same archer twice
Cold heat burns skin of the poor man whose richness is of searing pain,
Temperate by the melted shards of icy glass and frozen rain,
Lost in time it may seem that we’ve lost the way,
Regulations that we’ve considered forged of our past have increasingly swayed
Verdicts upon verdicts of unconscious fights,
Will we have children bearing witness to no more but sleepless nights?
Can we not conquer the wrong doings by handing them back,
Rather than regarding our enemies mergers with slack?
I guess my head is bulged with ideas so large,
They couldn’t be compressed to mould a sphere for they’d barge,
The constant questions I have not yet attained answers to see,
Convince me that man is proper, because at this point,
Some one must be.


When I wake in the night to fits of uneasiness, I tend to focus my mind on more proverbial thoughts. My release is to write and so I do, I will often post my "midnight madness" on here, however often or un-often it may seem. I hope you enjoy what you read. Thank you, feel free to inform me of your opinions.

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Norman Goldstein
plus de 6 ans

How indeed I enjoyed your poem....it struck loud chords with well placed and true words....thank you

plus de 6 ans

Very nice! Reminds me of ones I used to write abouty night terrors, and it's very fluid. After I wake up some more I can give you more in-depth pointers if you like :P

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