I wonder if another knows what darkened mirrors cloak?
The scary, snarling, nasty thing that rides on silver smoke!
Slipping from the glossy glass while dreams are being made,
Sheltered by night’s darkness and completely unafraid.
Your dwelling tries to warn you with a quiet creaking moan,
To tell you something’s stalking, uninvited in your home.
The scary, snarling, nasty thing continues on its mission,
Searching for what won’t be missed, a difficult tradition.
Patience and experience serve best to find the prize,
Something surely never missed; found at the ends of eyes.
Caked with precious dust of dreams, the treasure hides in lashes.
He swiftly plucks them from the root before he quickly dashes.
Returning to the mirror on a pungent, platinum breeze.
A creature plagued by empty sleep, tonight, will dream with ease.


This would be the very root of the cause for an irrational fear of dark mirrors.
Who here thinks that catching even a glimpse of a mirror in a dark room is slightly more than creepy? Show of hands, please... And feel free to leave a comment also. Thanks for reading this little ditty, I hope it was all you were hoping for (wink,wink)!

quatrain rhyming couplet, sci-fi, supernatural, dark poetry

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over 6 years

And you already know that I think your thoughts are brilliant and am delighted when you share them... I think you may be onto something here... I've formed an opinion of artless darkness myself. Maybe it isn't so artless after all. What if there are houses and streets and cars and trees etc., that are all an identical shade of black? To our earthly eyes, it would appear to be nothing more than darkness, right? What if it's not dark at all? Just a same-shade dimension, making it impossible for us to differenciate what's really going on???

over 6 years

As a kid I was quite scarred of a great many things. Shamans talk about the darkness as another plane of reality, it's own dimension. Through meditation I have come to a self belief that we see darkness because we can't see whats really there through our own eyes. It's it a geography of the mind. It's where and when we sleep. It's where the worlds material distortion fades and it leaves us with this other dimension of being. So when I find the creepiness coming on, I meditate on my lack of sight. .......... That's just my thoughts though :)

over 6 years

Thanks! It still scares me every time I read it... And I'm its creator!!! Creepy stuff...

james matthew coleman
over 6 years

I had to get rid of all of them (except in the bathroom of course) for a bit some years ago. Completely irrational! Right? Then again, I'm sure you've seen documentaries where the film makers go to some pristine place and tell a story about how it's native people have been isolated from the modern world while they hand out t-shirts and then.... out comes the mirror... they kinda freak out you know?....thinking that they some how are trapping their soul in that little piece of glass...hhmmmmm??I love this poem by the way, great piece.

over 6 years

Buckets of thanks!

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Nicely done

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