The viola makes a beautiful sound,
Quite beautiful, and quite profound,
This is what my granddaughter would say
As she sits down and begins to play.
She has to practice quite a bit,
and really tries to stick to it.
and when I go to watch her play,
it really tends to make my day.
I think she will be great one day,
because she really loves to play.
Beautiful music, beautiful songs,
I could just listen all day long.
(c) 2019.

My granddaughter Charlotte V. plays the viola, and sings on the choir, while attending the School Of Performing Arts.

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Charlotte B. Williams
about 4 years

Thank you Francis

about 4 years

Love the poem

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

Thank you both for the comments. The children need to know we're behind them.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

There is a lot of room at the top for someone who is talented and hard working enough.

over 4 years

Beautiful girl.

And nice poem... :)

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