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i saw an advertisement
for a movie
i did not watch
where it was possible to fall up
everyone wants to fall
so they can fly...
i watched
for hours
people selling on tv
extolling the benefits of things
when all they really needed
was to be naked...
i heard a song
about a bird
finally free
from the chains
of the skyway
i wonder where it went...
i turned on the radio
of talk shows
and listened to them complain
about each other
i know they sit at home
worrying about what is being said...
i read a book
full of wisdom
where the first were last
and the last were first
everyone loses at some point
when you are keeping score...
i burned the story
of my life
my flesh for kindling
just for fun
to see how it would feal
and it felt great...
i have eaten feasts
that i could describe for years
without a cent to my name
in the end
the best things are given freely
by the ones we love...
i have starved
on a full stomach
with pockets full of cash
surrounded by people
and wondering
what i gained for all my labor...
i have sung
my greatest songs
without uttering
a single syllable
many heard
and supported me...
i have lost my voice
while talking
to anyone
who would listen
and none did...
...what does it all mean...
...i do not care... is enough to...
so i ask of you
what life
can be lived
when walking backwards...
so i ask of you
what living
is in life
when stuck in the moment... what comes next...
...quite a bit actually...
...that's all that matters...
...keep on singing...

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Cory Garcia
over 5 years


Patricia May Neiderer
over 7 years

it can take the butterfly a long time to
stretch its wings to the full length
using them as antennas to look into the future and know how many beans to put away
if while fumbling in the pocket, the right one
is pulled out, the game of chance won
closing of ones eyes could prove risky
but where is living with out the dare
watching the parachute in reverse as it goes back into the airplane, the disappointment on his face could fall in the hole if misplaced
or fuel the plane with a match
it's all up to the elements while you are hanging from the tree over the sea not able to bend the knee, for who would see that you keep bumping into the air and landing head long into the deep

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

thank you

over 7 years

Very good Cory.Deep.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thanks brother!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years


Patricia May Neiderer
over 7 years

Speechless! for now,,, wow

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

Very encouraging

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