The two
One who would say you look amazing with eye make up
And ask if I could paint my nails
The other would say you look the same without it and help me pick at the chips of nail varnish I should remove
One who would say this is boring when we’d have plans
The other would say this is heaven when we’d have nothing but time
One who would say it’s not my fault I lash out at you its not my fault I choose drink and drugs
The other saying babe I drank too much my heads sore I’m like your baby
One who would say
It’s your fault I’m like this
The other saying sorry
On mistakes that wherent his
When you look back and wonder why
I left you for this guy
Known how he held me as I cried explaining the lies you told me
After you dislocated my jaw
Know that he kissed me lovely pulling me onto his lap
Looking at me crying over some arsehole
And still said
Babe your eyes are the most beautiful thing Iv ever seen come here to me

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