Addictions are hard to kick

I didn’t think i’d want you here.
I walk out my door with fear.
but sadly i got home today
checked the letterbox for anything stray.
I found no sorry, no hand written poem telling your story.
I text your mother, she never replied so now i sit here in worry.
Are you dead or alive...
Have you feelings not survived,
after you broke me did you let down your side of the lie,
There has been no sorry why?
You loved me
you think you’re what? Above me.
Do i try!
To think of you as some kinda prince.
No lower level lover would do this!
Where is the sorry babe i didnt mean it
where are the propsal’s gone
where is my light of my life
i feel oh so dead inside!
They are right,
i should give up this fight
Let you go,
but text you wait no
Let you stay
Only if my mind would let my heart run away.
Why did you do this?
I wanted our last kiss!
You hurt me oh so much
baby just one more amazing fuck
i loved you i still do
i gotta get up and walk out and get on over you!
No sorry’s in an inbox....
..... Only sorry from myself trying to give you up.


I wish i could just man up and get over you, after all you did the damage ray thats making me turn in to a person i hate.

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