I didnt ask to love you,
I just asked you to be honest back.
I hated you when you and me first meet,
If anyone asked me would i date you we’d even placed bets.
Which i of course lost...
The most part of this was beautiful,
you where the best boyfriend iv ever had
if you judged this relationship on the second half.... that’s bad.
And it was actually so heart warming to hear you say you were wrong
to hear you state you where pushing me and hurting me and you hadnt noticed it all along.
But now you see with clear eyes, it wasn’t me but you...
And while i don’t want us to be through...
And finally you seeing what i’m going through...
all this hurt wasn’t anything in my life but you.
If you promise to hold me close,
and stop pushing me out, we can see how it goes.
I can’t let you walk away,
and you admited you dunno what youd do, if it was one and not us two.
So let us go slow and steady,
getting back up to where we were... Are we really ready.

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Alexis Faye
over 6 years

Thanks, proof i can sometimes do happier poems (just by a bit though)

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Very Nice :)

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