Your heart beat under me
That face you pull when you think you are being funny all the stupid
Not important parts
That make you, as a whole.
Dragging me in again.
Like a song I used to dance to.
Intranced into.
I spoke to a guy from Douglas
He reminded me of you
His accent fitted
His hair the same
His eyes similar but not as nice as yours
He’s Manx
But he wasn’t you.
He reminded me of what I felt
When you dragged me back to hell
Not by your hand
But by my own
I’ll admit I knew you didn’t love me yet I took that fall
And I guess when you finally did
Love me
I couldn’t give it back
I’d given you all the love I had
It left me broken coughing on stall air
Holding back hope I’d feel again with fear
But yet
I’d be lying
Of I said I didn’t love you now
And the fact you had to point it out
It’s loved
When I stated the reasons I felt as I did
As I do
Manxy rat
Seany boy I don’t know how you can’t see
Iv loved you longer than I care to remember
Back in icey cold December
When our awkward glances meet
If only we’d of lasted that year
I wonder if we’d of keep our bets
And while my face is full of tears
Wishing you’d read this
I can’t bring myself to tell you for the idea of loss keeps me straight
I can’t load again
This must be faith

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