You laid bare the body
But you forgot of what I asked
I said lay with me
And will you at last?
I asked for your mind
The over thinking thoughts
I hope my dear you’ll find
The marbles you seemed to have lost
Cause I am worth liking
Worth every feeling You have to give
You claim you don’t wanna fight him
But yet am I the breath to make you live?
For I ask you to shower me
And I don’t mean in water
I mean give me attention let me see
Sooner rather than later
That what you have is real
I know it’s hard
But deep down you feel
I know this is the start
And while I’m openly giving
Let me tell you know
I though I loved a man
I got over him some how
And if cutting off the last strings
Is what makes you keep on tract
I’d of cut them as soon as he left my life
Sooner for you it’s a fact
I’m not asking for marriage
But I want to know right now
Cause this doesn’t feel like friendship
When I’m lonely now
I’m not saying be my boyfriend
I’m just asking simply
I’m not saying hold out to the end
But do you like me?
I’m a strong women
I don’t need a man to fight for me
But it’s nice to finally see
Maybe I’m worth a battle
Even if it’s internally
I know I’m broken pieces it’s not so pretty to see
But having someone could stop the end of me

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