Inside I’m dying
Like outside  I wish I was
Cause I can’t fight anymore
I’m not strong enough to take another blow
Iv never lied
Not knowingly
Is this the true you showing
It’s scaring  me
Idk what you think iv done
But making up that I’m tired isn’t one
Claiming I’m a lying cunt after I don’t rely to one text
Is paranoia at its best
And I love you dearly
You’re not seeing clearly
Yes I’m sensative
You think you’d be sorry
This relationship I can’t carry
Will we or won’t we marry
Get help or the end will hurry
And away like a dormouse I will scurry
Away to die all alone on my own
Is the truth yet showing
Can you catch on this isn’t you knowing
Is this cause I’m not glowing


This is about my now ex I wrote this less then a week ago and we have now broken up due to him assaulting me sadly iv no idea why it happened as we seemed ok

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