I use to fall so easy,
to the idea of no turning back.
Holding this heavy heart,
wondering on after it...
was long finished and long gone.
I saw the darkness...
how it came,
and now so far apart.
I’m wishing for your strong heart,
to fight back the demons of my past.
To face that at last,
i’v caught love but now it wastes away....
in a jail cell so far away,
and you havent called in two damn days.
Missing you leads me to fading away,
on Saturday I may have seen you.
Bright blue eyes looking me up and down,
playing games while you parents sit around.
Laughing at how romantic we seemed,
yet you now dont talk to me.
Drugs fueling to numb it out,
the weaken feeling you filled with doubt.
Your depression taken away,
with other drugs making you a slave...
to the system I give you wisdom.
Of how it will fail and go to hell,
I know this story the end so well.
Tomorrow you must face court again,
while I hold on to the idea its all pretend.
That one day soon we’ll lie in bed,
you again kissing my head.
Make it right!
Stop fighting with some fucked up guys.,
please be safe while inside.
I need you out I need you alive,
this story ends with happy ever after....
not death from a prison disaster.

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I hope you see him soon.


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