Stretch out my limbs,
shake off the dust.
Feel ready,
to be steady and get back up.
And i’m not the little girl you walked all over,
I am stronger then you will ever be.
Cant you see?
My green eyed monster,
you where meant to shield and protect me.
Not totally neglect me,
why cant you just be.... like you used to be.
You where so in love with me!
You used to stalk me at work.
You where so in love with me,
you got kicked out by your best friend for slapping my arse.
Why couldn’t you let me be?
Why buy me flowers and pretty things... did you break my vase....
This is so hazy.... You get so angry...
And you claim i am lazy, well i’v lost weight not that you wanna see.
I can dance around in lingerie letting men put money in my undies.
and still you claim you’d done better...
well baby i hope you made her wetter!!!
If your mammy dear was here, she’d be down right disgusted,
you ended up just like your dad, i shouldn’t have trusted!
And no, you didn’t cheat but its coming around and I was the one who didn’t see.
All alone it wasn’t you but me, assuming we were gonna be happy.
And I just wanna shake off the memories of you,
and I just wanna talk and tell you ....we are through.
But the words taste metallic in my mouth,
Jesus I just wanna scream, cry and shout!
How could you lie to my face,
how could you leave me in this place.
This is where I laid quite when raped, this is where they beat me,
why cant you just be my knight and fucking save me!!!
And you lied you’re hidden your car in someone’s home,
you left the dog in the apartment with some chick I don’t even know.
You blame me on stressing,
but its you and your testing!
And well done you pushed me too far,
I’m done now you earned a gold star.
And I just wanna shake off the dust....
and I just can’t keep this up.


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Alexis Faye
over 6 years

Thanks Cory means a lot.

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Passionate... gut wrenching... heartbreaking... attitude...Well done :)


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