I smell your t shirt
to calm my own mind
thinking about you is ruining me
its like working unpaid overtime
I cant save you
and that scares me more then anything in this world
you should have saved me
i thought for so long i’d always be your girl.
But your own addiction to the idea you’d fail
drew you away from my warmth
and into harms way
Didn’t think id last one day yet its the fourth
We should of celebration a year of fighting through the dark
a year with you owning me and my frail old heart
instead we are yet again pulled apart
a million tiny atoms dying for a new start
I could forgive you
i never thought i’d live through losing you
but i cant beat you
this is no breeze through
cause i can smell you on this t shirt
mixed with  smoke, and old alcohol
but i ask you to forget me
cause baby you made me lose it all
And im not the person you loved
cause she was to weak to try get you on your feet
i’m stronger then you ever where
cause i’m getting over you leaving me.
It was you who closed this door.

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