Done now,
cant stand anymore
to simpley ask how...
You throw up your hands,
give in.
Throwing another tantrum... a child yet again.
You claim i can’t do this,
i’m just a “stupid bitch”
well watch as i walk away.
Watch now as you sit and pray,
to some god you don’t even understand.
Talk about how fuck up you are then hide it behind how “smart”
When in actual fact you are nothing more
then some little lost boy
crying out for attention and love
both which i gave you plenty of,
I’m tired,
and i’m smarter then you claim i am.
I’ve worked hard,
and finally its time for all to see....
You don’t “win” against me.
Finally its time to say,
Let me just walk away.
Its time i go,
its time i know.
You’re long gone,
back to your stupid games of gambling, drink drugs and abuse.
I’ll be ok,
safely knowing
cause now its showing....
.... that i was never yours not even once.
To be someones you have to share in the love you give.
...... how i hope with your mistakes you will live.
As i know finally i can see
.... In love i was blind, but you where never blind to me.....
I’m set free... knowing you just gave up on loving me.

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