I cant shut these eyes without seeing,
Not a moment goes by without it being.
Heartbroken multiplied im not breathing,
cause you left me cut open heart bleeding.
And i could speak a thousand words of why i hate you,
yelling through a computer screen wishing i didnt date you
a black crystal of lace onyx on my wedding finger
shows the space your ring was meant to linger.
But i wanna punch you until you feel
the pain thats in side these wounds long sealed
and if i could just break out of this stupid shell
i’d run a million miles to get away from this hell.
And the lighting brings rolling rain clouds
its July yet thunder is all that sounds
i just wanna lay in this field all day,
letting the rain cleanse my body, washing you away.
I’d do anything to tell you now, knowing that its over
Lying through my teeth but im hating being sober
and i just wanna see your fucking face
but i know deep down it all a waste...
I know deep down I couldn’t stay,
This aren’t no fairy tale happy ending now is it ray?

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