I could be
the last one standing
i could of been your cure
but youre too demanding
i could be the drug
you wont get addicted to
was that all i was to you?
Can i kiss your beautiful lips,
trace my tongue over the freckles at your bottom lip
biting hard on the scar that marks my own.
Cant see your blue icey eyes again
cant seem to find the light my friend
you where so much more
now your my end
I could of been your wife
we could of made this our life
but now im sorry to say
i hate to be the one but i’ve walked away.
I couldnt be the last one to see ya
i souldnt be the one you tell you drug filled adventures too....
I started to hate you
I couldnt be the girl you cheated on,
i dont wanna end up all alone
but now i am
You cant be the mistake i made
please dont be the one they find dead
you cant be the one locked in my heart and head
please dont let this be the end....
this story will end when both of us lay dead,
a real life romeo and juliet duet.

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