Wake me up
Through the haze of a club light
Through the horrid music playing too high
Hold my hand
Claiming me alone as yours
When man think I’m just some fat whore
And if I could just look you in the eyes
Like I did two nights ago
And I know now you remember parts
Cause you let one thing slip that I told you
And I can’t seem to see
Why you’d ever like me
And I can simply see
Why you’d never like me
How can you spit words like
No man is ever good enough cause they are scum
When you have been what Iv asked for for so long
And I don’t think you know how deep this shit goes
Past the idea of us hooking up
Past the way two nights ago you begged me to fuck
Past the photos you have of me dressed up
Even over the wording you used that night
Saying use me like you wouldn’t put up a fight
And you’ve been so distant
And I really don’t think you will ever see
This girl is that friend like in them songs you favour
Bass hunter all I ever wanted was a song we danced to last night
A song you love but I finally heard it right
And I don’t think you can understand
I’d be happy just being you’re friend
Cause I could take that hit
It’d kill me
But for you I’d do just it
And you love poetry
And I’d kill for you to read
My own little slices
Of heavenly devices
But you’ll never read the words
Iv versed
You’ll never hear
What’s in my head
Scratching to get out
Cause I told you when you where drunk
I like you more
And you’d regret wanting to fuck me
When we open the door
Back I to the actually world
And I don’t wanna be the bitch to hold you back
So I’m gonna stand right here
While you do you
And that’s that

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