To my angelic nanny, may you find freedom and peace in your new found wings.

You where the women who married at 16,
A women who bravely had 7 kids.
2 Aunties 4 uncles and my mother who by all means is a mini you in any form.
A women who has tucked many of her own grand kids into beds
A grandmother who would “forget” to woke us for school so we could have a lovely dippy egg and toast soliders.
The light in my grandfathers eyes.
The women who stayed by his side for 48 years.
But 48years wasn’t enough.
The love you share is eternal.
Nanny i miss you dearly,
I miss your laugh,
I miss the smell of coffee already fading from your home,
I hated knocking tonight and not having you look out the window or throw down the front door keys.
I love you forever like so many of us do.
This family ripped in bits and bobs,
i hope will sow back up.
My fondess memories are ones i don’t even remember like eating a copy  
my worse memories are throwing a tantrum so bad i broke a doll you had kindly got me (which i left and loved for years with his one arm)
My last words where goodnight god bless and i love you
yet sadly they were weeks ago
my one regret is not seeing you before today
this day you where cruelly pulled away from us.
But now you have no pain, no fears no worries.
Now my sweetest most admired angel you are finally free.....

My nanny died suddenly today the 23/11/14. She had been medicated for years over prior illnesses but was doing amazingly lately. Its beyond a shock to my family at this time, and all we can do is try be there for one another. I will miss my nan more then words will ever explain.

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Cory Garcia
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